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Trhe green future of cities

- Paver and the environment
- Paver and LEED certification
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- Paver and the environment

"The environment we live in does a lot to determine the way we are. To build you must know how to dwell and the fundamental thing about dwelling is taking care. Mortals dwell so as to take care". Heidegger

Green building is becoming more and more mainstream and this is the right time to invest in it. Paver leads the field in this sector. In this perspective, Paver products, which are completely recyclable and reusable, are a guarantee because to make them a certain percentage of recycled material is used instead of natural raw material. Paver?s commitment aims at ensuring that each single project is always assessed according to the overall goal to be achieved and this consists in looking after and caring for the quality of our natural, cultural and economic heritage as a whole. Below are the strong points of Paver environmental policy:

The Earth is not ours, it is a gift we have received but which does not belong to us alone. We are therefore responsible for looking after its resources for our own future and that of our children. To use the environment conscientiously we must not use up natural resources quicker than these can be replenished.

Of being in safe hands and using products that support LEED building certification.

The possibility of saving thanks to low consumption, reduction in the costs of mining and processing "virgin" material thanks to recycling and long life of quality products.

Starting with our production facilities, designed according to principles of sustainability and going on to the use of clean energy for production thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels and to our eco-building products.

With Paver, you are sure of using truly Sustainable and not merely "green" materials.

The guarantee of using only environment-friendly products that adapt to nature.


the green future of cities

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