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Trhe green future of cities

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- Paver and LEED certification

GBC Italia is the non-profit association which promotes sustainable culture in Italy, with the intent of transforming the market; arousing the awareness of the public and institutions as regards the benefits of sustainable buildings on the lives of those who live in them; providing reference parameters to operators to create a network for constructive discussion.

PAVER is an ordinary member

To achieve these goals, in 1993, the LEED was established in the USA. This is voluntary certification providing a standard of parameters for sustainable design, promoting competition among companies and prompting consumers to prefer a more aware use of energy resources.

Over the years, this certification system has developed from being a simple standard for new buildings to an overall system of six building types, following the individual product through all aspects of development and construction.

The use of this certification system is becoming increasingly more widespread, and it is now employed in over 140 countries in the world. In Italy, the LEED system is currently being promoted by GBC Italia which, since April 2010, has launched a specific Italian version for new and restructured buildings.


the green future of cities

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