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Trhe green future of cities

- Paver and the environment
- Paver and LEED certification
- Paver products with LEED certification

- LEED accredited Paver products

Paver products are perfectly integrated in the LEED process. Their evident sustainability features favour the building up of the credits useful for obtaining final certification.

Such performance is summarized below:

Draining products SS 6.1 and 6.2 and credit GA 1
(Sustainable Sites and Water Management)

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Products aimed at reducing the rise in temperature in urban areas - credit SS 7.1
(Sustainable Sites)

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Products with extensive heat insulation characteristics - credit EA 1
(Energia e Atmosfera)

BioPLUS Building System

Products with high innovative and technological content - credit IP 1
(Innovation and Design)

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the green future of cities

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