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Filtering draining products

Paving surfaces can be made using special larger-grain mixes. Such mixes increase filtering capacity and favour the flow of water down to the water table without the use of further surface-water runoff installations.

Filtering products

Test report 092nc dated 13/02/2009

ePerformed in DELTA Laboratory - Lucca.
(Laboratory for testing concrete aggregate building materials, steels, geotechnical bricks, aggregates and bituminous conglomerates)

Test material:
2 pavers called filtering Triotto

Variable-load permeability test on double-layer FILTERING TYPE interlocking pavers

From the two pavers, the same number of cylindrical specimens was obtained. These were laterally waterproofed and sealed inside a Plexiglas tube. The seal was subsequently checked. The test was performed using a water-column permeameter having an inner diameter of 90 mm with upper lubber line positioned at 600 mm from the specimen and lower lubber line positioned at 400 mm from the specimen. The test was performed by timing the emptying time of the permeameter between the two lubber lines and the result was converted into litres/second per m2.

Test results


Doppio T Filtrante
Voce di capitolato
Mattonotto Filtrante
Voce di capitolato
Triotto Filtrante
Voce di capitolato
Volterra Filtrante
Voce di capitolato


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