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Silos Orizzonatali

The fundamental characteristic of PaverAgri Horizontal Storage Bins lies in the fact that the sections already feature a stabilizing base. Available in heights of 1.70/2.70/4.00/5.00 m, the freestanding sections are simply rested on a belt-shaped platform on which an anti-sliding curb is made.

Other benefits of Horizontal Storage Bins:

  • they are easy to move from one place to another because they are not fastened to the ground;
  • by adding further sections, dimensions can be changed, increasing the storage capacity of the bin.
  • Installation is very fast.
Load conditions
Internal angle of friction of the material φ = 35 °
Specific weight of materia γ = 800/1000 daN/mc
Tilt angle of the heap of material ε = 20°
Accidental overload q = 1000 daN/mq


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