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Precast Sheds

For a long time, animals have been reared with methods based only on production efficiency. Today, their well-being is becoming increasingly more important, meaning the condition of the animal in relation to its environment.

Animal farm buildings must therefore be able to cater to a number of different requirements aimed at limiting stress conditions and making adaptation easier to ensure better production efficiency and quality of the end product.

PaverAgri, a Paver division specialized in animal husbandry and agriculture, makes structures designed to ensure high performance in terms of durability of materials, resistance to aggressive environments, temperature control, rational management and environment compatibility. Such performance is the upshot of extensive research and experimentation on the part of a qualified staff of technicians with engineering and animal-farming skills, who share a strong passion for animal farming and agriculture, which is a family tradition for Paver.

For over thirty years, Paver precast sheds have been highly popular with farmers and technicians.

Today, PaverAgri specialized prefabrication does not only make it possible to erect structures better suited to different farm requirements, but, thanks to the flexibility of the construction solutions offered, such structures can often be adapted to new developments in animal farming technologies.

Foto di una stalla prefabbricata paver


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