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Sheds: PN system

The PN system makes it possible to design and build sheds of different sizes with freestanding pillars at centre distances of 10 m and heavy and lightweight roofs

Example of structure with ?heavy? roof: Reinforced-concrete floor.
Covered in pre-shaped polystyrene and with concrete tiles

Example of structure with "lightweight" roof: sandwich panel

The BIOCLIMA-type panel for white-meat calves

For some types of animal farms (e.g., calves) the heat insulation, heating and ventilation of the building must be adequate and make it possible to maintain air circulation, and keep the quantity of dust and gas temperature and concentrations within limits that are not harmful for the animals. The Bioclima insulated panel associated with a well-insulated and waterproofed reinforced-concrete roof fully answers this need.

Example of highly-insulated structure for raising "white meat" calves.

Foto di una stalla prefabbricata paver


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