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The Biodigestor®, developed and patented by Paver?s PaverAgri division, is a digester specifically designed for the production of biogas. It is made using insulated reinforced-concrete precast segments, assembled by post-tensioning spring steel cables, protected by PVC sheaths and running in specific cable ducts.

The Biodigestor® features integrated insulation of the segments, which consist of: an internal structural layer in pozzolanic reinforced concrete, an intermediate layer consisting of a through sheet made of high-density sintered polystyrene and an outer layer of concrete, connected to the former in a punctiform way with S/S needles so as to avoid the formation of thermal bridges. Only the inside floor is made in situ.

Various types of roofs are available: flat with reinforced-concrete floor; wood with a single elastomer membrane with gasometer function; with 2 or 3 elastomer membranes variably fastened and shaped, suitable for storing biogas.


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