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Traditional Tanks

Traditional Paver Tanks are manufactured in modular components of reinforced concrete, stabilized with suitable reinforcement that extends from the internal base of the element, and is incorporated into the floor casting.
Silicone elastomers guarantee the integrity of the seal between the panels.

Our tanks can be manufactured in several shapes - square, circular, rectangular or elliptical - with single or multiple basins.
We have made tanks ranging in size from 50 m3 to 300,000 m3.

The Traditional tanks designed by Paver offer a practical solution because:

  • each component is statically independent, allowing transportation of tanks with varying surface area and volume,
  • they can be built above ground, partially or totally underground, with or without a cover,
  • our special concrete is made with pozzolanic cement for maximum weather resistance and durability,
  • installation is rapid; a 3,000 cubic meter tank can be installed in just one day.


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