the precast ecological ISLAND

ECOisola is the modular solution for the management and collection of PRE-SORTED CUMBERSOME waste, maintaining the environment clean and tidy. - flexible and fast installation
ECOisola is a cost-effective and flexible system which permits building pre-sorted waste collection plants in an environment-friendly way.
The use of precast segments ensures installation in just a few hours and makes the plant accessible within one week, including complementary works.
The system consists of precast concrete sections with varying heights made integral by means of in-situ cast foundations.

Heavy loads
High structural capacity with loads between 500 Kg/m2 and 4,000 Kg/m2
Modularity from 2 to infinity
Thanks to its modularity, ECOisola is able to adapt to various logistic requirements and to the availability of existing space, hosting a minimum of two to an unlimited number of containers. Paver offers a consultancy service to cater to all technical project requirements. Long life
Maintenance reduced to the utmost thanks to the use of pozzolanic concrete with strength C35/45. EC marked according to UNI EN 15258.

Material storage
ECOisola permits creating service and storage premises at ground level, using the space available below the structure.

Galvanized parapets along the perimeter of the structure, DIFFERING IN ELEVATION, make unloading operations safe and prevent material from accidentally falling. The heads of the precast walls act as a safety barrier to prevent the accidental fall of vehicles.

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