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Brio 70

Brio 70 system > for gaps up to 22 m

Brio 70 structures are available in versions with zenith, shed or integrated lighting systems. The BRIO system offers extreme layout flexibility and provides designers with great versatility and, at the same time, ample gradability as regards the lighting and ventilation of interiors. Besides conveying aesthetic and architectural quality, these factors also help create a healthy and comfortable environment, upgrading working conditions and permanency inside the buildings. The modularity and interchangeability of the components makes the designer?s job easier and caters to the real need of each single user. It is possible to choose between direct zenith lighting, indirect shed lighting with skylights and motor-driven frames or else combine the various solutions. All the roof elements are made of reinforced concrete and can be walked on immediately after assembly, thus permitting quick and safe future roof maintenance. A major feature of the Paver Brio system is to convey the rainwater runoff from the roof directly onto the perimeter of the building, completely eliminating internal drains and relative inspection sumps positioned close to the base of the pillars. This characteristic is most important because besides producing an immediate economic saving (shorter rainwater collection system), it eliminates the risk of internal flooding caused by the back swell of drain waters. Other functions are also available such as, for example, the possibility of installing the electric wirings directly in the building structures and of using Halfen type mechanical fastenings, threaded bushes for mounting metal structures or modular systems dedicated to hang up systems. With the Brio shed system, Paver provides maximum exploitation of natural light, guaranteeing a ?ventilated roof? consisting of slabs positioned just a few centimetres away from the insulation, thus creating a layer of air, the dynamic flow of which permits eliminating vapour from interiors in the winter and the heat produced by sunlight in the summer. This way, the quantity of heat from the underlying environments is reduced. Shed collocation is separate from the structural mesh and from the pitch of the pillars and can be set in parallel succession, thus allowing beneficial window/floor surface ratios, including over 20% of the covered surface. The frames are made of aluminium, while the transparent fastening can be made of honeycomb polycarbonate or wire glass according to architectural and functional requirements.
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