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Architectural systems for Industrial & commercial buildings

- Static diagrams
- Continuous insulation
- Water out
- Solar energy
- BioTI - self-cleaning nanotechnology
- Anti-seismic planning

Continuous insulation

The image describes the functional diagram of the roof close to the interface with vertical closing. The adopted insulation and waterproofing methods combined with the high thermal inertia of the roof (made entirely of reinforced concrete), strongly restrict the passage of heat, thus improving both heat transmission value and the thermal time constant. The roof insulation, available in different thicknesses, is installed by skilled personnel. The designer is free to choose the window/floor surface ratios, the heat insulation performance, the materials from which to make the waterproofing sheets and the type of gutters for rainwater runoff. The assessment of the energy characteristics of BRIO roofing is made by a Certification Institute authorised by the Ministry of Public Works by means of the use of the finite element calculation method in compliance with UNI EN ISO 6946-2008 and UNI EN ISO 10211-2008 standards.


Industrial Buildings

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