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Photocatalysis is a natural phenomenon wherein a substance, called photo-catalyst, by means of the action of the light (natural or produced by special lamps) changes the speed of a chemical reaction.

In the presence of air and light, a strong oxidization process is triggered that leads to the decomposition of the polluting organic and inorganic substances that come into contact with such surfaces.

Its function imitates a natural phenomenon:
Chlorophyll photosynthesis transforms substances considered harmful for human beings into inerts.

The chemical process behind it involves oxidization, thanks to the combined action of light (sun or artificial) and air.
The two elements (light and air), on coming into contact with the surface coating, favour the triggering of the reaction and the consequent decomposition of organic and inorganic substances (comparable to all the particulates PM2.5 - PM10), microbes, nitrogen oxides, polycondensed aromatic compounds, benzene, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol, benzene, ethyl-benzene, nitrogen monoxide and dioxide and sulphur dioxide. The photo-catalysts do not lose their properties with the passing of time, because all they do is trigger the process. They do not bond with the polluting agents and remain at disposal for new photocatalysis cycles.

Just a few minutes of light are enough to reduce most of the pollutants by 75%.

Photo-catalysts are effective for both outdoor and indoor pollution. To correctly trigger photo-catalytic surfaces, an adequate lighting system is installed producing light with wavelengths between 370 and 400 nm (Ultra-violet).
Segmented concrete paved surfaces, integrated with photo-catalytic triggering elements are also highly effective in reducing microbes and bacteria. They are especially suited for the requalification of courtyard areas joined to nursery and elementary school complexes, where children play during recreation periods.

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