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Bioti Ecopav
Paver has developed an innovative range of interlocking pavers, the third generation of the BIOTi Ecopav® system, which exploits the properties of a PATENTED PHOTO-CATALYTIC AGENT. Maximum antismog action is achieved when extensive surfaces of BIOTi Ecopav® pavers are installed in high-pollution areas. The active layer of pavers does not lose its properties with the passing of time because the photo-catalytic agent only triggers the process and does not bond with the pollutants, remaining always at disposal for new photo-catalysis cycles. By integrating itself in the porosity of the interlocking pavers, it is able to decompose a number of pollutants in the atmosphere: nitrogen oxides (reduction of up to 80%) and sulphur are transformed into non-toxic sulphates and nitrates respectively, which are then washed away by the action of rainwater.

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