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Closing blocks with strong heat insulation.

Supertermico is part of a series of Leca multi-layer expanded clay blocks for walls. It ensures strong heat insulation in compliance with the limits indicated by Law Decree 311/06. Supertermico is a block made by industrially integrating two Leca expanded clay concrete sections and a high-density polystyrene insulating panel containing graphite. Compared to the ""exterior insulation" solution, with Supertermico, the insulating layer is protected against the weather, attack by animals and temperature fluctuations. The high-density polystyrene foam panel with graphite is protected by a block of expanded clay which makes the wall sturdy and long-lasting. The Supertermico block production process is a development of the technology used in Scandinavia ever since the Eighties and permits making what is a unique product for single walls. BENEFITS
> A unique product for single walls. A single movement is all that is needed to install Supertermico and obtain a finished wall which only remains to be plastered.
> Heat insulation greater than requirements applicable since1/01/2010.
> Exterior heat insulation system with protection of insulating material.

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