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The PaverSound®integrated system consists of a precast panel with freestanding conglomerate reinforced concrete foot and sound-absorbing 2.5 m module blocks with heights of up to 7 m. The sound-absorbing covering is made of expanded clay vibration-compressed concrete sections with modular dimensions of 50x50 cm, and total thickness of 13 cm.
The freestanding monolithic panels are fitted on a previously-made supporting surface and then fastened to this by means of a stabilization curb casting.
The interface between the panels is made with a male-female joint between which is placed a neoprene seal before assembly so as to ensure the sound-dampening capacity of the barrier.

The Leca expanded clay, the base material from which the products are made, is certified as bio-compatible by the ANAB-IBO-IBN institute.

In the proximity of residential and park areas, creepers and evergreen wood species can be planted behind the barriers (jasmine, wisteria, Canadian ivy...) to create a sort of natural "second skin".


Up to 550 Cm
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Up to 700 Cm
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