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Blocks for sound-absorbing barriers

Blocks ? a versatile and dynamic system

Paver proposes two types of sound-absorbing blocks for its barriers:

  • blocks made of wood-concrete;
  • blocks made of leca-concrete.
Belonging to the leca-concrete family are the Leca Sound Block® block, particularly suitable for absorbing medium and high frequencies, and the Leca Sound Onde block, suitable in particular for absorbing low and medium frequencies.
Both blocks are vibration compressed in expanded clay concrete and ensure long life without maintenance costs and are fully recyclable as rubble.
In the wood-concrete block family on the other hand, PaverVia presents 4 types of blocks: Faseton Block®, Faseton Welle®, Faseton Hohlwelle® and Faseton Pilz® . The four models differ both in terms of surface geometry and as regards their different capacities to absorb noises at the various frequencies (low, medium and high).
All the blocks made and marketed by PaverVia are available in a broad range of colours and with photo-catalytic finish (leca-concrete version).

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