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Inseerted System

The inserted variation of the PaverSound®system consists in modular sheets of reinforced concrete conglomerate and sound-absorbing blocks superimposed vertically and inserted in metal uprights. In this case, the sound-absorbing function is performed by sound-absorbing blocks in leca-concrete or in wood-concrete drowned in the concrete supporting structure.

The overall dimensions of the panel vary according to the type of fitted block and to the number of sound-absorbing sides between 3 and 6 metres. Steel uprights of the HEA type are placed at centre distances between 3 and 6 m and have a multiple height of 500 mm. To the base can be welded corner pieces or plates sized to allow fastening concrete products by means of tie-rods or counter-plates.

The uprights can be powder coated in a range of colours. The use of extra-strong pozzolanic cement ensures long life in case of freeze-unfreeze cycles, the action of sodium chloride, atmospheric conditions and ageing.


Absorbing solution on one side
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Absorbing solution on both sides
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Barriere fonoassorbenti sistema infilato

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