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In this case, Pavevia supplies both the vertical precast sections and the cover sheets in p.r.c. with intrados-extrados module surface of 2.5 m and max height of 0.6 m with possibility of also making a composite deck.
The solution is tied to the limited roof coverings and small spans.
Paver subways reach a max span of 5 metres in case of railway overload, which increases to up to 10 metres in the case of road type overload.
The solution proposed by Pavervia is similar to that of artificial road tunnels with rectangular inner section.


  • RFI Milan - Stations of Stezzano, Ancone, Verdello, Verzellino, Pizzighettone
  • RFI Florence - Stations of Borgotaro-Villafranca-Solignano-Filattiera
  • Road subways - Lodi, Bibbiena (AR)
  • A4 motorway - section MI-BG
  • A31 motorway - section (VI-RO)

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